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We have set up the following Spin the Wheel promotion as a Private Promotion (entry is only possible with unique one use InviteLinks). The promotion has the entry page turned off and so users are not asked for any additional information before being able to spin the wheel.

To enter this promotion, you will need to generate an InviteLink.

Promo ID: 23246

Promo Name: Lucky Wheel Private

The promotion is set up with placeholders to display:

  • First Name {{entrantField(‘first-name’,‘Welcome’)}}

  • Company {{entrantField(‘company’,‘your company’)}}

The placeholders (shortcodes) on the promotion have default text incase data is not sent, this prevents word gaps on the promotion text.

Other personal information is expected but is not displayed on the promo pages

  • Last Name

  • Email Address (this is a Unique Identifier or UID)







Promotion identifier


String (optional, generated when not provided)

Unique identifier of the audience member


String (required when uid is provided)

Field used as uid


Array|Object (optional)

Object containing the form field slugs as keys and data as values

Here's an example

curl \ -X POST \ -H 'Accept: application/json' \ -H "Authorization: Bearer <Your Generated Token>" -d '{ "promotion_id": 23246, "uid": "", "uid_field": "email", "field_values": { "first-name": "John", "last-name": "Doe" }}'

For Retrieving uid_field value we need to call this endpoint,

curl \ -X GET \ -H 'Accept: application/json' \-H "Authorization: Bearer <Your Generated Token>"

Which will give us the number of fields available in that promotion, it will have an attribute is_uid_field.

If the is_uid_field is true then we have to use the slug attribute value ,i.e, for this promotion is email.

The invite-links can be personalized for users and also can be anonymous. If we add the uid and uid_field it creates a personalized invite-links and if the uid is not provided in the request it creates an anonymous invite-link.

See API documentation for more information or install our Postman example

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