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We have set up the following Spin the Wheel promotion as a Public Promotion (Open to anyone with the public link). The promotion has an entry page which asks for first name, last name and email. It is also collects opt in permission marketing preferences.

View and enter the promotion by clicking the image below

(IMPORTANT: remember any data entered will be accessible to all users of the Playground API, so we recommend not using real user credentials).

This promotion (promo ID 23229) is set up to collect the following information:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Newsletter Opt In

  • Terms and Conditions Approval

There are two ways you can retrieve this data:

1) Retrieve all data entered into all and any of your promotions via Audience Members

Refer in the API documentation to Audience Members:

Once you have completed authentication, you will be able to call the /audience/members end point to retrieve a list of all entries across all your promotions.

2) Retrieve the entry data submitted for just one promotion (Promo 23229)

In the above example, you will need to filter the audience according to the promotion ID so you can just return entries from this promotion.

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