Gamified promotions can be used for both lead generation and for loyalty. You simply have to choose at the time of launching your promotion whether it is open to the world to enter (Public) or restricted to only those that you specifically invite. You'll find this control on the Launch Control page.

Be careful choosing as you can not change this once your promotion is live. Your only option would be to duplicate your promotion and start again.

Public Promotions

If you are looking to build the number of leads you have, then it is likely that you will want your promotion to be 'Public' so that anyone that has the link to your promotion's page can enter it. Of course, you can still be selective about how you publicize your promotion and how people reach the page.

If you set your promotion to be Public there will be just one URL for the page and anyone that has it / finds it will be able to enter. You will find this URL on your promotion's 'Share' page.

Private Promotions

You may wish to be selective on who you allow to enter your promotion and indeed how often you allow them to enter. With a Private promotion, entry is only possible with a unique InviteLink, and each InviteLink is valid for just one entry. This functionality is only available on our Professional plans and above.

As InviteLinks are valid for just one entry, you will need to give those that want to be able to enter a new link if you want them to be able to enter multiple times.

Private promotions are a great way to reward people for their efforts and with a bit of integration, you can automate sending of these InviteLinks to people that use your services or drive your sales.

Personalized InviteLinks

With a Personalized InviteLink, you can save information for a particular invitee together with their URL, so that when they click the link, the promotion could display their name, it could also automate an email after they enter, or hold any other information that you think could be useful to know. As this InviteLink is personal to that individual, you must make sure the right person gets the right link.

Anonymous InviteLinks

It is also possible to create InviteLinks that are not personal to any individual, so these InviteLinks can be given to anyone. For example, you could add these as part of a transactional email after someone has made a purchase at your store, or they could be inserted through mailmerge into your company newsletter. The list is endless. Anonymous InviteLinks contains no information about who the link is intended for, so either you must keep a record of who each link is given to, or you can set your promotion to have an Entry Form and ask entrants to fill in the form before they can complete their entry.

Generating InviteLinks

  • Manually (via the platform)

After you have put your Private promotion live, you can then navigate to the Share & Promote page and here you will see the options to create InviteLinks for your promotion. You can create individual links or mass generate links. We suggest if you have a large number of links to send that you create a placeholder/mail merge field in your email template and have the unique InviteLinks inserted automatically.

  • Automatically

You can automate the creation of InviteLinks for your promotion through our API or through our integration with Zapier. In this way, you can trigger a new InviteLink to be created from actions within your own applications or from third-party tools with whom your applications integrate. Examples could be every time a sale is made when sales targets are hit when someone writes a review. The possibilities are infinite.

If you need help with anything else there are plenty of tutorials and videos in the BeeLiked knowledge base.


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